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Pediatrics, Family Practice, Immigration Exams, Allergy , Acne & Skin Care

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Children, Adolescents and Young Adults 

Silicon Valley Medical Clinic, Inc. under the direction of Neema Malhotra M.D. and Ben Kachouei D.). are dedicated to providing high quality of medical care to infants, children,  teenagers and  young adults  from newborn  to 25 year old that includes immunizations, well visits, school & sports physicals, growth, development, nutrition, weight, allergy, asthma , cough, cold, injuries, and other childhood diseases.
In addition to Pediatrics; we also specialize in adolescent and adults concerns such as acne, skin care and hair removal.

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Silicon Valley Medical

Family Practice

Family Practice, Allergy, Acne, Skin Care, Holistics

Our mission is simple: to provide primary care, preventive, diagnostic, medical, and health services with attention to individual needs of each family member under age of 65.

We are dedicated to giving family-centered medical care including routine primary care, immunizations, medical exams, allergy, over weight and treat your health issues with holistic approach using, lifestyle,  food as medicine and natural supplements and  if needed with medicine and refer you to the specialists.

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Immigration Medical Exams

USCIS I-693 Report of Medical Exam & Vaccinations

Dr. Neema Malhotra is a USCIS Certified Civil Surgeon with over 15 years of experience.  You can be confident that you will receive reliable, accurate, swift and reasonable priced service to get your green card quickly. We have nearly perfect record.
We speak English, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Chinese.

us today at 408-945-0300. Same day appointments are usually available. We are open late on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Corona Virus (covid-19) Alert

Our Physicians at Silicon Valley Medical Clinic are concerned and are closely monitoring Corona Virus. We are following CDC guidelines to clinics for testing, diagnosing, treating and managing patients with these conditions & coordinating with local public health authorities. 

For your safety and convenience; our physicians are doing Virtual Online Video Visits & Consults remotely with our TeleHealth Video Conferencing application. Patients can book appointments on line. Please feel free to contact us at 408-945-0300 and book an appointment now.  

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• HANDS:   Wash them often

• ELBOW:  Cough into it

• FACE :  Don't touch it

• SPACE: Stay at least 6 ft apart 

• HOME: Stay if you can

Call your doctor or contact us  if you have Fever or dry Cough or difficulty breathing, or any other Flu like symptoms or any other concerns;  Call 408-945-0300 or just Book an online TelMed Video Conference with our doctors.

COVID-19 Testing

Screen Yourself FREE for Corona Virus

CDC> Corona Virus Symptoms

CDC > Summary of Covid-19

 CDC > What to do if you sick?

Free Online Covid-19 Test

Call your doctor or Contact us at 408-945-0300 to Book a Video Conference enabled TeleHealth appointment.


Dr. Kachouei and Dr. Malhotra are committed to serving our patients. For safety of our patients and staff, we are doing TeleHealth virtual visits. Routine immunization and physicals will be done later.

Contact us, if you have any concerns. We are there to help.

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Rx:  Keep social distancing of 6 feet min
Rx: Wash your Hands frequently, avoid touching your face area. 

CDC Link on Washing Hands

Eat Fresh

You Are Your Best Defense
Eat Healthy, Exercise, Sleep Well.
Do not worry, fear or be anxious.
Show Gratitude &
Stay in Elevated Mood.Be at least 6 feet from others and hand wash frequently. Safety first.

Preventive Care


Call our clinic to make appointments to vaccinate. Vaccinations are scientifically and medically safe. Come and discuss your concerns with us.  We stock all vaccines in our clinic. We participate in Vaccines For Children (VFC) program for affordable vaccines in our community. Most insurances cover vaccines and well child visits. Vaccines can save your live and live of others.

Please note that due to covid-19 concerns and guidelines; routine vaccinations are being postponed till normal clinic operations have resumed.

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flu injections at silicon valley medical clinic milpitas ca

Get a Flu Shot, It does help

Call our clinic and Get a Flu shot. It does help. When you come and get a flu shot from us, we make sure that during your visit we do a brief medical exam and you do not have any underlying conditions that could be red flags for your health. We provide preservatives free vaccines. We are a travel clinic. If you are travelling to a foreign country, come and see us before you go to consult us and immunize for diseases and enjoy your travel.

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Annual Physicals for School, Work or Immigration

silicon valley medical clinic physical exam

We specialize in Adults and Children Annual Physicals, Physical Exams for School, Work , Employment and USCIS Immigration Medical Exams. We stock all vaccines and coordinate benefits with your insurance. If you are self pay, we have very competitive  pricing.

Contact us at 408-945-0300 to make an appointment or just drop us a line. Click here for New Patients info.

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Allergy and Asthma

man sneezing - allergy treatments at silicon valley medical clinic


Allergy treatment includes four branches: Testing, Avoidance, Medication, and Immunotherapy (allergy shots). It often takes a combination of some or all of the four to provide a healthy resolution to your problems.

At Silicon Valley Medical Clinic, we specialize in allergy testing and various latest treatment options. 

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Asthma treatment has come a long way. It is easily manageable. In fact, during the 2004 Olympics, many of the athletes had asthma including several medal winners. The goal in asthma treatment is control. For students, control means a team effort involving the parents, the school nurse, and the coach. Medically, control often includes daily anti-inflammatory medications to prevent symptoms from occurring in the first place.

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Travel Clinic

In most instances, travel to a foreign country exposes you to a set of pathogens and parasites that are endemic to the area. You may or may not have immunity against diseases caused by these endemic pathogens. The purpose of a travel consultation is both to understand the possible risks from infectious diseases when traveling, as well as the precautions you can take (including medicines and vaccinations) to avoid getting sick.

Our physicians are experts in tropical  and Asian medicine and are specialized to handle travel consults. By combining our expertise and knowledge of your health history and travel plans, we can find the best and safest medicines and vaccines for your needs. Our knowledge of non-vaccine and non-prescription preventative health measures is lot more than that offered by websites or other non-travel providers.

If you have visited a foreign country, come and see us to make sure you did not get exposed  to or picked up an infection and get treated or immunized.

Acne Treatments and Skin Care

Alma lasers at silicon valley medical clinic

At Silicon Valley Medical Clinic, we specialize in Acne treatments that can include medications, prescribe skin care products and do Laser and Microneedling Treatments for Acne Clearing and Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing for skin rejuvenation and reducing Acne Scars for a perfect skin color, tone and texture. We also provide Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Fillers and other latest aesthetics treatments.  Contact us for a FREE consultation at 408-945-0400.

Learn More....Visit CosMedic Laser Clinic Services..

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Clinic Open Hours

Monday, Tuesday & Wed:   9 am to 7 pm
            Thursday & Friday:   9 am to 6 pm

                              Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm
Closed for Lunch weekdays: 1 pm to 2 pm

Thursday and Saturday by Appointment Only.
Appointments are preferred for less wait time. Patients with booked appointments will have priority over walk-in patients.
Please give us 24 hour notice for rescheduling or cancelling any appointment or $35 may be charged for missed appointment.

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We are contracted as in-network preferred providers for most of the insurance. We accept United Health, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, California Care, Valley Health Plan (VHP), HealthNet, Medi-Cal and HMOs and most of insurances. We are premier primary care healthcare providers for Independent Provider Associations (IPA) and physician networks like Physician Medical Group of San Jose (PMG)SCIPPA San Jose, SCFHP (Santa Clara Family Health Plan),  Premier Care of Northern California,Valley Health Plan (VHP), Brown and Toland and other local community provider groups.
If you have Medi-Cal or a HMO policy or if you are in a restricted network, please make sure that you have selected either Dr. Malhotra or Dr. Kachouei as your primary care provider. 

Insurance policies are individual and have complex medical coverage rules, deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance, exclusions etc. We submit claims to your insurance on your behalf. You are responsible for visit co-payment, annual deductibles and any uncovered expenses not paid by your insurance. Feel free to call your insurance or us to verify your health plan eligibility & insurance coverage and how we can help you for least cost to you. If you have moved recently or  want to change your doctor, we can transfer your medical records to our clinic upon your authorization. 


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