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For most of us in Silicon Valley, all year around is a time to “play” outside, and being in the sun and activities, like running, biking, swimming, walking, hiking, skiing etc, are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and get back into shape. Unfortunately, our bodies are often simply not used to the increased physical stress, including the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems.The cardiovascular system, especially the heart, will need the proper nutrients to ensure its ability to correctly function during increased physical stress. Consider adding Standard Process’ cardiovascular products to support a strong heart, healthy oxygen metabolism, efficient circulation of blood, and cell growth, repair, and function.And don’t forget the body’s largest organ, the skin. Summer is an ideal season to support your skin for healthy structure and function with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Our special Skin Care Products and Natural Products such as Dermatrophin PMG®, Cataplex® F, Wheat Germ Fortified™, or USF Ointment (used topically), all support the skin during heat and sun exposure.Some Simple Tips

Our weight is a result of how much we take in and how much we burn. The first step is to have a burning desire to be healthy. Eat regularly, never miss breakfast, eat small portions and slowly omit the sugars. Eat three meals and three snacks every day, do not eat if you are not hungry (if you feel full there is no need to finish all the food in the plate), and drink plenty of water every day.

» Eat organic, balanced food, variety, whole grains, colorful vegetables and fruits.
» Eat organic, non refined and natural and WHOLE food and grains and meat and dairy products.
» Eat food which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids (e.g. Fish, almonds, flaxseeds, pecans, peanuts, pine nuts, pistachio and walnuts.) Eat natural fats such as butter, olive oils (no canola oil or margin), olives, nuts and anything high in Omega Fatty acids.
» Take only Whole Food Supplements and Vitamins made from natural unprocessed ingredients. You may look at some of these Whole Food Natural Supplements and Vitamins Brochures.
» Eat foods that have not been processed and that do not contain processed ingredients.
» Eat low glycemic index (GI) food. Low GI foods are slower to digest so you feel full longer; keeping the insulin levels low, inhibits the formation of fat and assists in the conversion of fat back to energy.
» Do Not eat refined sugar or unnatural sugar substitutes. Eat natural whole sweeteners and whole fruits.

What Is Glycemic Index?

Glycemic Index measures the speed at which food is digested and converted to sugar. The faster the food breaks down, the higher the glycemic index. GI of glucose is 100. All other foods are measured against the 100.

The key to loosing weight or maintaining the weight is to eat low GI food, low caloric food, eat high quality food, small portions, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and exercise to strength your heart and muscles. Drink a big glass of water before meals to partially fill your stomach.

Include proteins in all your meals and snacks. Eat only low fat proteins preferably from both animal and vegetable sources.

What proteins you should include:

» Lean cut meats (all fat trimmed)
» Poultry (no skin)
» Cottage cheese and plain Yogurt with fruits
» Omega 3 saturated eggs.
» Beans
» Whole grains
» Nuts
» Low fat or no fat yogurt
» Whole or low fat Milk

Reduce calories and fats by eating low GI and low fat foods.


Tea and Coffee in moderation are good. Green tea has less caffeine, and has antioxidant properties. Green tree is preferred.


It is always better to eat organics thoroughly washed fresh fruits and vegetables rather than juice. Make sure your meals are as colorful as possible by mixing and matching different vegetables, fruits, nuts and lean meats.


A glass of wine (which contains antioxidants) with dinner is now recommended for better health. I would also add a small portion of dark chocolate (polyphenols) as dessert. Or you may consider whole food supplements that have essential beneficial ingredients of wine and chocolate.


Take whole food natural multivitamin daily, follow the recommended low glycemic index diet, and exercise. Not only will you have a great skin, look fit and be full of energy, but you will also be happy.

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Quality of Ingredients

Just like any recipe, the quality of the ingredients you use affects the quality of the final product. Therefore, it’s important to answer all these questions when evaluating a supplement and its effectiveness.

Where do the ingredients come from?
Manufacturers who grow many of their ingredients have the unique ability to control the quality of the ingredient from seed to supplement. Some manufacturers own certified organic farms to further enhance the quality of their ingredients.

When are ingredients processed?
When you buy a tomato, you inspect it for quality. You wouldn’t knowingly buy one that was mushy and bruised. This same principle holds true for when ingredients are prime for harvest. Different foods reach their peak nutrient value during different times within the growing season. Pea vine, for example, is at its peak during the flowering stage.

Once harvested, food begins to lose its value. It is perishable like the tomato. If there is a delay of hours, days, or months from when an ingredient is harvested to when it’s processed, many of its very delicate phytonutrients are lost.

Are the ingredient’s vital factors retained?
Each ingredient has its own set of rules in relation to how to best extract and package its vital life. The manufacturing process needs to retain the vital nutrients within the ingredients. Too much heat will destroy enzymes and phytonutrients. The manufacturer should use a low-temperature, high-vacuum process to make sure that the ingredient’s nutrients are preserved.Talk with your health care professional at our Clinic to learn more about whole foods and Standard Process products. Call 408-945-0300 to make a consultation and medical evaluation specific to your family health needs.

      Brochures and Reference Material for natural vitamins and supplements

Our brochures help patients better understand the benefits of nutrition and specific Standard Process products, clarify the whole food difference, and define our commitment to quality.

(Download Pdf documents below in Holistic section in our web site)

+ Are You Feeding Your Body
+ Baby Boomer’s Nutritional Health
+ Bone Health
+ Calcium Supplements
+ Digestive Support (Zypan®)
+ Farming and Manufacturing
+ Garlic
+ Ginkgo and Your Health (Ginkgo Synergy®)
+ Glucosamine and Joint Health
+ Green Vegetable Supplement (SP Green Food™)
+ Health Bars (StandardBars®)
+ Heart Health
+ High-Protein Health Bars
+ Immune Support (Echinacea-C™)
+ Immune System Support
+ Joint Health (Ligaplex® I & Ligaplex® II)
+ Liver Support (A-F Betafood®)
+ Natural Antioxidant Support (OPC Synergy®)
+ Natural Calmatives
+ Natural Detoxification (SP Cleanse®)
+ Natural Fiber Supplement (Gastro-Fiber®)
+ Nervous System and Circulatory Support (Folid Acid B12)
+ Patient Information
+ Phytonutrients (Cruciferous Complete™)
+ Pollen
+ Pollen Season Support
+ Prostate Health (Palmettoplex®)
+ Purification
+ Selecting a Quality Supplement
+ Sports Endurance
+ Tuna Omega-3 Oil
+ Whey Protein
+ Whole Food Multivitamin (Catalyn®)
+ Whole Food Supplement Shake (SP Complete™)
+ Why Whole Foods (Is Your Supplement Complete)

Helpful Educational Resources on Supplements

Information on Dietary Supplements and Herbs
American Botanical Council
Fact Sheets from the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements
Dietary Supplement Information Bureau
International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements (IBIDS) Database
Linus Pauling Institute Micronutrient Information Center
MedlinePlus Dietary Supplements
Medline Plus Herbs and Supplements
Sloan-Kettering – About Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products: Search About Herbs

Evidenced-Based Reviews
Cochrane Reviews
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects
National Guideline Clearinghouse
Natural Standard

Governmental Agencies
National Institute’s of Health Office of Dietary Supplements
NIH Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Whole Foods and Nutrition
The World’s Healthiest Foods
USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center

Phytochemical and Nutrient Databases
Dr. Duke’s Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases
USDA Phytochemical Database
USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

Useful common Health Tips from Dr. Malhotra:

» Eat balanced healthy diet of whole natural organic foods high in Omega 3 and 6
» No smoking
» Play with your children
» Exercise or just walk 20 -30 minutes a day
» Wear Sun protection
» No tanning (includes tanning devices)
» Wear protective clothing – long sleeves when outdoors. Wear wide brim hat
» Wear sun glasses and special sun outerwear BluMod and YellowMod to convert sun rays to beneficial light.
» Must apply SPF of 15 or higher all year round. Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going outdoors to all exposed skin. Reapply SPF 15 or more after sweating or being in water.
» Eat Whole Natural Organic Foods and Whole Food Supplements and Vitamins. No sugar or artificial sweeteners. Eat only natural whole fruits and natural food and whole food natural vitamins and supplements for high energy and good health.
» Have a positive attitude and be grateful. Smile, Be Happy, Be Still and Be Alive.
» Do meditation. Make social connections.
» Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.
» No more than 3 alcoholic drinks a week. No soft drinks. Minimal sugar.
» You may use sun protection hats that convert harmful rays for Skin Rejuvenation and Acne prevention. Call us about this exciting product to take harmful rays and convert them into therapy.
» Remember what is good for your Skin, it also good for your brain, mood, heart, body, self esteem and your total health. There is a direct skin, beauty, mind, body and brain connection. Change your skin and brain, change your life.

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Neema Malhotra, M.D.,   Melissa-Gayle Sanchez, M.D.

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