General Vaccine Information and Resources are listed below and interactive immunization charts from CDC are also included thereafter for both Adults and Children. This is great educational material. Ask Dr. Malhotra or Dr. Kachouei if you have any questions, next time you visit the office. Or make an appointment today- Call Silicon Valley Medical Clinic, Milpitas today at 408-945-0300

Routine Vaccine Schedules, ages 0-6
This is the immunization schedule chart for parents, from the CDC, for ages 0-6 years.

Routine Vaccine Schedules, ages 7-18
This is the immunization schedule chart for parents, from the CDC, for ages 7-18 years.

Immunization Schedules
This is the full CDC web page on all current vaccine schedules, a useful resource for both parents and clinicians.

CDC - Immunizations Website – Information for Healthcare Professionals and Patients
This is the CDC's main web page for vaccine information, for both healthcare professionals and patients, with links and current information related to all aspects of immunizations.

CDC - Immunizations - Information for Parents 
This is the CDC's web page for vaccine information for parents, a useful resource for all types of information about childhood vaccines.

CDC Parents Guide to Immunizations
This is a 68-page booklet from the CDC on immunizations for children.

American Academy of Pediatrics - Immunization Information for Families
This is the AAP’s vaccine resource page for parents and healthcare professionals, including information on the safety and importance of vaccines -- as well as misconceptions, FAQs, and a wealth of other information.

Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)
These are the patient handouts developed by the CDC which explain each of the vaccines and the diseases they prevent.

Guide To Children Health and Vaccinations:

Useful and Easy to Understand Guide on Childhood Health and Vaccinations and Drug Watch.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is a respected source of information on vaccines, and has developed this comprehensive vaccine resource website.

Immunization Action Coalition: Vaccine Information for Healthcare Professionals
This is a comprehensive vaccine information site, designed for healthcare professionals but useful also for patients and parents.

Vaccinate Your Baby
A campaign launched by “Every Child by Two”, an organization devoted to raising awareness of the critical need for timely immunizations.

Vaccine Information for SKEPTICAL parents:

An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All
"To hear his enemies talk, you might think Paul Offit is the most hated man in America..." This is a well-written article focused on Paul Offit, MD, who boldly refutes the anti-immunization movement. From Wired Magazine, October 2009.

What's the Real Story on the Vaccine Debate?
Another article in the same magazine issue, with useful links and information.

Cashing in On Fear: The Danger of Dr. Sears 
This detailed article reviews Dr. Sear’s book on alternative vaccine schedules, discussing the flaws in his logic, as well as misinformation contained in his book that may lead parents to make the wrong decisions for their children.

Vaccines and Autism: A Tale of Shifting Hypotheses
This 2008 article by Gerber and Offit addresses parental concerns about vaccines, examining and discussing hypotheses about MMR vaccine, thimerosal, and multiple-vaccine administration.

Facts for Parents about Vaccine Safety
This letter from the AAP addresses vaccine safety, autism, and other concerns.

Mercury, Thimerosal and Vaccines
This is the CDCs statement and information page, explaining the safety of vaccines and addressing these concerns. At Silicon Valley Medical, Milpitas we do give Preservative Free Vaccines.

Here Be Dragons: An Introduction to Critical Thinking

Too Many Vaccines? What You Should Know
Information from the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Vaccines and Autism
From the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

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