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About Us

About CosMedic Laser Clinic, Neema Malhotra, M.D.

It is not About Us; it is all About You. We strive to make you look your best.

It is fusion of Cosmetic and Medicine resulting in CosMedic.

At CosMedic Laser Clinic, you will be under the care of a board certified physician performing medical aesthetics and skin care procedures and coaching you on your health and wellness with holistic medical approach to turn back the clock.

What we do

As specialists in medical aesthetics, skin care and laser services, CosMedic Laser Clinic is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and health of your skin, face and body with comfortable yet effective treatments and cutting edge technology that our Silicon Valley will expect. Our clients enjoy the benefits of cosmetic skin care by board-certified physician and experienced staff equipped with advanced technology, safe, effective, FDA approved and virtually painless procedures done by physician.

Skin Care and Medical Aesthetics by Physicians

Unlike other facilities and shopping mall med spas, at CosMedic Laser Clinic, you are under the direct care of a physician who will do your consultation, plan your treatments, do your laser and injectable treatments and will advise holistic health approach that is most comfortable and best medical aesthetics care for you. We use the state of the art technology and non invasive virtually pain free treatments. Our physicians are involved in all phases i.e. consultations, treatments, and continuity of medical care. Contact us today to schedule your Free Consultation.

Take A Moment

And consider everything you subject your face to. Constant use and exposure, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Millions of laughs, smiles, facial acrobatics, and a lifetime of talking. Uncontrollable abuse from all angles. The sun. Gravity. Processed food, Cold winters. Hot summers. Tension. Makeup. Stress, Pollution and the highly Processed food. And of course, the inevitable aging process!

The changes are easy to see: lines, wrinkles, grooves, creases, crow's feet, bags, pouches, folds, cellulite,fat deposits,weight gain, hair loss, age spots, facial hair and sagging skin. Suddenly you look tired and old, even if you don't feel that way at all. It doesn't have to be that way. CosMedic Laser Clinic offers the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatments and holistic yet medically sound approach to your health designed to solve these problems. Results-Oriented Holistic Medical Care

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, as well as the most visible. That's why it's so important to take good care of it. We're committed to helping you achieve and maintain healthy, younger-looking skin. We're completely results-oriented, offering the most effective non-invasive laser cosmetic treatments, zerona non invasive lipo laser treatment, botox and fillers,clinical skin care products and whole food supplements. We specialize in procedures that are virtually painless, require little or no down-time and that still produce beautiful, noticeable results to turn back the clock.

You are our walking advertisement.

Our satisfied patients and results are our walking advertisement. We do not believe in big advertisement and promotion budgets, fancy facilities but we do believe in investing in technology, training and tender loving medical care for giving you great results, value and affordability that you are looking far. It is not advertising About Us; it is all About You to help you look your best.


Meet the Doctor

Neema Malhotra M.D. is a board certified physician, practicing Pediatrics, Allergy and Aesthetics. Dr. Neema Malhotra has a passion for Medical Aesthetics and got trained by the Hollywood/Las Vegas physicians to make you look your best.

She is a Fellow of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

In addition to conventional medicine, she practices Holistic approach to health.

She uses supplemental holistic medicine with conventional medicine treatments.

Learn and Explore

We have included for your education, FAQ and content to make informed decision and learn more about the treatments, techniques and technology at our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us at 408-945-0400 and Book a Free Consultation appointment.

Simply put; we can brag about our caring physicians, latest technology and painless yet affordable and effective treatments; but It is not About Us; it is all About You. We strive to turn back the clock and help you look your best.

If you have even casually thought about improving your appearance with the latest cosmetic procedures, we would like to make sure they are right for you. Before you can truly decide, you need to express your desires to a caring, qualified staff member and or Dr. Neema Malhotra and gain the confidence in your choice. Earlier you take care of yourself, better it is.

Why not Call Us today at 408-945-0400 for a body and face contouring. 

Free Consultation, and experience it yourself all we have said About Us and know about care we can give About you.

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Our physicians are on call and available in case you need them via telephone, text or email.  We will always think: how can we best serve our patients and speak your language. We strive to employ the latest technology that Silicon Valley patient community will expect.

Simply put; we can brag about our caring physicians, their education and training, latest treatments, new technology and painless yet affordable and effective treatments; but It is not About Us; it is all About You. We strive to take care of your needs and provide professional patient care.

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Before & After
Before & After

At CosMedical Laser Clinic;

We strive to take care of your needs
by providing latest cosmetic treatments by a cosmetic physician.

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