BOTOX - Reduce Lines and Wrinkles

Look years younger without surgery!

» Frown lines between your brows

» Worry lines on forehead

» Crow's feet (smile lines), and Sagging eyebrow

» Migraine and Excessive Sweating

BOTOX - Be younger without surgery!


» NO DOWNTIME - Do it in your coffee break!


» Look 10 year YOUNGER in 10 minutes!

BOTOX - Turn back clock without surgery!

» Frown lines between your brows

» Worry lines of forehead

» Crow's feet (smile lines)

» Migraine & Excessive Sweating

BOTOX & DYSPORT - Look Great in Minutes


» NO DOWNTIME - Do it in your coffee break!


» Look 10 year YOUNGER in 10 minutes!

BOTOX - Look Younger Without Surgery!

» Frown lines between eyebrows

» Worry lines of forehead

» Crow's feet (smile lines)

» Migraine and Excessive Sweating

Reduce fine lines & wrinkles

Look years younger without surgery!




The Problems with Aging can be solved with Botox® Cosmetic or Dysport®:

BOTOX Toxin Type A is purified neurotoxin-complex made of bacterium clostridium botulinium which inhibits a muscle's ability to contract. When injected into the face, BOTOX Cosmetic relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles, furrows and lines in the overlying skin. Now a new drug Dysport is also has same applications as Botox and we at Cosmedic laser clinic have also have experienced good outcomes with Dysport.


Cosmetically we use BOTOX® treatments to relax the muscles in the face that create fine lines and wrinkles and to prevent further deepening of lines. It is a simple 10-minute procedure, with a few tiny injections directly into the muscles we want to treat. There is an art to BOTOX® treatments - to achieve the best, most natural looking results it must be placed in the right muscle, in the correct place, at an ideal dose, by an experienced doctor. The most common areas we treat are the frown line, or ‘grumpy lines’, the horizontal ‘worry’ lines, and the ‘crow’s feet’ around the eyes.


Finally, there is an art to BOTOX® treatments - to achieve the best, most natural looking results it must be placed in the right muscle, in the correct place, at an ideal dose, by an experienced Dr. Malhotra.


Frown Lines

Using Botox for frown lines is a great way to reduce the look of tension or anger. By simply reducing the frown line between the eyebrows, many feel as though they look more refreshed and approachable in their work place and/or social life. Dr. Malhotra is a Botox expert in San Jose.

Cosmetically we use BOTOX® treatments to relax the muscles in the face that create fine lines and wrinkles and to prevent further deepening of lines. It is a simple 10-minute procedure, with a few tiny injections directly into the muscles we want to treat.


Crows Feet

The crow’s feet area is typically treated with an average dose of 4 - 20 units, for women, and 10 - 30 units for men. Dr. Malhotra a Botox/Dysport expert will make a plan with you and work out exactly how much the treatment will cost BEFORE you get treated, making sure you know exactly what is going on to help you meet your expectations.

It is a simple 10-minute procedure, with a few tiny injections directly into the muscles we want to treat.



Worry Lines

Botox is one of several 'wrinkles relaxers' which all work by relaxing the muscles that create the lines of facial expression. These products reduce the messages sent from nerve ending to muscle by reducing a specific message called Acetylcholine, which is the major message from nerve ending to muscle and sweat glands. We believe there is an art to Botox and the wrinkle relaxing treatments for Worry and Frown lines.



Men and women have very different features, so it is crucial that you choose a clinician who understands the difference in the male anatomy; identifying the bigger muscles (facially, as well as on the body) and stronger bone structure is key. It is important that men still retain some ‘ruggedness’ to the face, while reducing the impact of features that make them look tired, angry or stressed.

Brotox is a very simple and effective 10 minute treatment. Cosmetically we use Botox treatments to relax the muscles in the face that create lines and wrinkles and to prevent further deepening of lines. 



BOTOX® is a prescription medicine that is injected to prevent headaches in adults with chronic migraine who have 15 or more days each month with headache lasting 4 or more hours each day in people 18 years or older.

The injections take about 15 minutes, and are done right in your doctor's office. The needles used for BOTOX® treatment are very small. People say that the injections feel like tiny pinpricks.

BOTOX® is injected into shallow muscles, not too deeply beneath the skin. Each treatment involves 31 injections in 7 key areas of the head and neck.


Excessive Underarm Sweating

Botox® and Dysport has been used for several years with an almost 100% success rate for treating excessive armpit sweating. Botox® – reduces localized excessive sweating by an average of 83%, bringing your problem sweating back to normal. This simple 20 minute procedure is well tolerated and has no downtime. Results last on average about 6-12 months and can often last longer with repeated treatments - most people plan for treatment about once a year. 

Botox treatment at cosmedic laser clinic

When injected into the face, BOTOX Cosmetic relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles, furrows and lines in the overlying skin. Now a new drug Dysport is also has same applications as Botox and we at Cosmedic laser clinic have also have experienced good outcomes with Dysport.

The facial muscles of expression can lead to wrinkling around and between the eyes. The frontalis muscles of the forehead are very susceptible to unsightly wrinkling. Many of our patients come to us because they do not wish to have others think they are "tired" or "upset." Many of these patients have a tendency to wrinkle their brows when they are quietly thinking. BOTOX Cosmetic provides a "chemical brow lift" with a non-surgical approach to facial rejuvenation. BOTOX Cosmetic treatments are usually repeated several times a year. Continued treatment appears to prevent new frown lines.

A chemical non-surgical brow lift is done with BOTOX Cosmetic. Minute amounts of the drug are injected into the wrinkled areas of the brow or crows feet. The procedure is done with very small needles to insure minimal discomfort. No anesthesia is required, and we use chiller and vibrator near the injected areas so that bruising is avoided.

The procedure takes only 10 minutes to complete. BOTOX Cosmetic begins to inactivate the expressive muscle which lead to wrinkling within 3 days and continues to work up until the 15th day to complete your "chemical brow lift." No down time, no swelling, no bleeding, and no recovery time. We can also do this treatment in combination with other fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse and laser treatments to give you rested and youthful look.

Post Care Instructions:

After having your BOTOX Cosmetic treatment, you should remain upright for 4 hours. Do not exercise on the day of your treatment. Making funny faces 4-5 times per hour will move the BOTOX throughout your muscles enhancing the overall effect of the treatment. The next day you may resume normal activities.

Side effects are not common, but can occur. Dr. Malhotra will review any potential risks before treatment. Since the treatment slowly wears off over time, any potential complication would not be permanent.


Migraines, Tension Headaches, and BOTOX Cosmetic

Dr. Malhotra is effectively decreasing the incidence of tension and migraine headaches in patients receiving BOTOX Cosmetic treatments. After BOTOX Cosmetic treatments, patients reported a decrease in headaches along with a reduction of wrinkles and an improved appearance. Studies show the effectiveness of BOTOX® Cosmetic for migraines or tension headaches. The theory is that facial muscle contraction or tension may send a signal to the brain, which then results in events that trigger the migraine headache. At CosMedic Laser Clinic, BOTOX Cosmetic or Dysport is only administered by a physician, who may help you reduce or prevent headaches.

Botox for Crow's Feet or Laugh Lines
Botox for Crow's Feet ( Laugh Lines ) Before and After


If you are seriously considering BOTOX® or Dysport® we would love to share more information and answer your questions in person.   Call us at (408) 945-0400 today to schedule your FREE consultation.


Botox® Cosmetic, sometimes called "a facelift in a bottle" or “liquid facelift”, is a purified protein. When small doses are injected directly into the muscles, impulses from the nerves to the injected muscle causing the wrinkles are blocked - allowing them to relax. This relaxing of the muscle allows the skin to smooth out persistent lines that which developed over time.

Botox treatments usually last about 10-15 minutes and keep the muscles that cause lines relaxed for up to 4 months. In some cases, with repeated treatments, results are dramatic and apparent within days and unlike surgery it is fast, simple and minimally invasive.

If you're considering a wrinkle treatment and are interested in understanding how Botox® or Dysport® can help you look younger and healthier we invite you to call us at 408-945-0400 to Book a FREE consultation.


Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that that defines individuals who sweat more than the body would normally need to maintain optimal temperature.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis.

Focal Hyperhidrosis is localized to one or more of the following areas:

   * Underarms

   * Hands

   * Feet

   * Face

Generalized Hyperhidrosis

Also known as a secondary hyperhidrosis, this is actually caused by another underlying condition (e.g. endocrine disorders, menopause, obesity, nerve damage, and rarely, some types of drugs.


Botox® Injections are virtually painless

Botox or Dysport injections interrupt the signal from the nerve to the sweat gland to reduce the sweating in the area that is affected. The injection is done with a very fine needle and, for treatment of the underarms, face and head, anesthesia is often not required as the procedure is virtually painless. For treatment of the hands and feet, local anesthesia is used to avoid injection discomfort. 

The percent reduction in sweating in clinical study was 83% in 95% of participants. The effect of treatment can be immediate or take up to a week, with the average duration of effect after a single treatment being 7 months.

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DYSPORT - Women Before and Afters - (hover your mouse over to see Before & After)

Dysport - Christine Before and After
Dysport Before
Disport After

Dysport -Dina Before & After
Dysport Before
Disport After

Dysport - Holly Before & After
Dysport Before
Disport After


Dysport - Francesca Before & After
Dysport Before
Disport After


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Dysport Before
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Dysport -Before & After (move your mouse)
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Dysport - Before & After (move your mouse)
Dysport Before
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Dysport - Before & After (move your mouse)
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Questions About Botox® Cosmetic or Dysport® Injections

Where is Botox® Cosmetic or Dysport® Used?

It is most effective for wrinkles that are visible when smiling, laughing, raising the eyebrows or for crow's feet around the eyes. These wrinkles are called "dynamic" and tend to be much less noticeable when your face is completely relaxed. It also works well for bands in the neck.

Am I a good candidate

The best candidates for the procedure are adults over the age of 18. However, if you are between the ages of 12 to 18; please consult pediatrician and the aesthetic physician to see if you will be a good candidate. In many cases, wrinkles in people over 65 are "static" and do not change when relaxing the face. Other procedures would work better for these patients, including Lasers, Radiesse and other dermal fillers injections. Each person is different however, and should undergo a consultation to determine the most effective treatment plan. Consultation is FREE at Cosmedic laser clinic.

How is Botox® Cosmetic Administered?

A very small amount of Botox® Cosmetic is injected into each of the target areas using a very small needle or using needleless mesotherapy. Because the needle is fine, only a small amount of the liquid is injected and the associated discomfort is minimal. Most patients compare the sensation to a light pinch. No sedation or local anesthetic is necessary and you can resume normal activities immediately afterwards.

Are the injections painful?

Botox injections are very small and done with a tiny needle that usually does not cause discomfort. The pressure sensation associated with the injection goes away very quickly and patients can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure. We use expensive Japanese made INVISIBLE needles for lest discomfort.

When will I see the results?


Generally, most people start to recognize the benefits in 3-5 days following treatment. You will not necessarily feel anything different but you will notice a decrease in the wrinkles at the treated areas. If you do not see the desired results be patient as some people may take up to two weeks to see the improvement.

How long will the results last?


After 3 to 4 months of treatment most people start to see their wrinkles return. In some individuals the benefits may last up to six months and in a few the wrinkles may start to return as soon as two months. Mounting evidence suggests that the effectiveness of the Botox last longer with successive new treatments. We hope you enjoyed the benefits of your Botox treatment and it is our pleasure to help you reach your goals. As always if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to call us anytime.

When will I notice the difference and how long will it last?

Botox treatment takes three to eight days to take full effect which sometimes can be hastened by contracting the facial muscles. The results usually last from 3 to 5 months. Often, repeated treatments can lead to longer results. The effects of Botox® Cosmetic are confined to the treatment sites.

What happens as treatment begins to wear off?

As the Botox treatment wears off the wrinkles will begin to reappear but frequently they are not as deep or noticeable. It requires three to four Botox injections to maintain the smooth, youthful appearance year round. With repeat treatments, the effects tend to last longer thus requiring fewer injections.

Is there any downtime?


No. Most people return to work or normal activities immediately following treatment. It is recommended however, that you avoid exercise, heavy lifting and massaging the injected area for one day. Give us 15 minutes and look 5 years younger.

What about BOTOX® for Migraine Help?


BOTOX® has been found to give relief to Migraine sufferers. The treatment of severe headaches may really belongs to neurologists, not cosmetic surgeons. But BOTOX® for migraine is helpful and we can help with medicines and  Botox.

What If 1 get a bruise?


Bruising is rare but it is a possibility. Those who are on aspirin, aspirin containing products, high doses of Vitamin E, natural alternatives such as Ginger, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng and Garlic may increase the likelihood of a bruise occurring. If you do develop a bruise it will resolve like any other bruise you have experienced in the past over the next week. Cover up makeup may be helpful to you. But do not be overly concerned the wrinkle reducing benefits of your Botox will far out last your bruise. We use special Japanese invisible needles to minimize any bruising.

What If I experience a headache?

This is not very common occurrence. As a matter of fact Botox® and Dysport® are now used to treat those with headaches. However, if you do experience a headache your usual method to treat a headache should suffice. We recommend you stay away from aspirin or aspirin containing products. Motrin, Tylenol, cool compresses and dimmed lights are all traditional methods of relieving headaches pain.

Can I apply make-up to the treated area?

We recommend you to wait 6-12 hours after your treatment before applying your make-up. If you must apply it before 6-12 weeks gently clean the area and gingerly apply the make-up. A gentle make-up that is designed for those with sensitive skin is better suited for the recently treated area.

Can Botox® get into my eyelids?


Botox migrating to an undesirable location is highly unlikely although its occurrence has been reported. If Botox® were to get into the eyelid you could experience a difference in position between the two eyelids. This occurrence is highly unlikely but if you feel as though your eyelids are asymmetric let us know. We can prescribe eye drops, which will improve the discrepancy between your eyelids. Also you need not to worry, the asymmetry usually rapidly resolves over 2-6 week period of time and it is not permanent.

I still have Questions?

Please call 408-945-0400 for FREE Botox® and or Dysport® consultation to ask your questions and to see what is the right treatment for you. Or just Contact Us and send us an email.


Botox - No Wrinkle & No Lines

Best Ever - 10 years younger!

Was looking for a job. Hard to compete with young guys. I fnally decided to get a fresh look and see the doc. I was recommended by a friend to Dr. Malhotra. Had Dysport/Botox and fillers and laser skin treatment.

I had deep frown lines on my forhead and loss in cheeks and nasal lines. Also got lifted my face with Radieese filler and skin laser tratment. They lines are GONE! and face is fuller and younger. Dr. Malhotra got not only good hands but good aesthetic sense. She really did a great job. Good price. Had free consultation. Almost painless. Instant Great results!. Highy recommend her.

By the way I did get the job after the treatment in this tough silicon valley. It is not just the face lift got me the job but it did help!. Everyone at work thinks I am a decade younger than my real age. It has been 5 months and now I got to visit the clinic again to get rid of 4 inches of my waist line and rejuvenate my face again.

Highly Recommended 

Highly Recommended. I got Dysport / Botox and Radiesse fillers. I definitely got better results than I had ever before!. She got good hands and knows what she is doing. Affordable too.

I got also Pixel a laser treatment a fractional laser. My skin got rejuvenated and looked great after a week. Great results!. My friends ask me, you look great, how you did it?. I said it is Dr. Malhotra's laser that did it. I do look 10 years younger after the non invasive, quick one hour treatment.

Great results

I am super excited to share my experience as, I had many different treatments done to my face Dr Malhotra is very experienced and takes extra effort and make sure to explain me each part of the process of all the treatments.
I am really happy to see the results after getting laser hair removal, perlane fillers and botox treatments.

Great Service

I went for laser hair removal and for skin issues. Dr. Malhotra did the FREE consult and spent lot of time to alleviate my fear and answer my questions.
Dr. Malhotra did hair removal with their Alma Laser Hair Removal which was quick, painless and effective. I will go for additional laser treatments.
I also got Botox for my frown lines and Pixel fractional laser for my face. The laser tratment was painless and felt like sun burn. But 5 days later my skin looked fantastic and frown lines gone! I looked rested and 7 year younger.

Their prices are very reasonable and procedures are always performed by the doctor. I recommend Dr. Neema Malhotra highly.

Best Cosmetic Physician

I have acne and acne scars since my puberity and did not have much success in treating my acne. I went to website and learnt about treatment options.
The doctor did the consult and it was free!. She explained options and prescribed combination therapy of applying medicine to skin and laser to kill bacteria and Pixel laser treatment for my scars. I had several treatments. My acne has reduced and skin looks alive and smooth. I highly recommend this small clinic where the care is directly given by Dr. Neema Malhotra.



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