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It is not About Us; it is all About You. By doing static exercise and hot synchronized belly breathing, you can gain energy, loose weight, loose fat, build muscles  and cardiac health.  Come for  FIVE FREE sessions and experience it your self. Sit on chair, work out and hot breathe to be fit and lose weight.

Dr. S Das, PhD is over 77 years old but fit as 30 years old. He wants to share his Hot Breathing work out with you.  Come and experience it Free for a week. It is as near to use as Internet for a Zoom Video Interactive Tele Workout

Just Drop us a line for Dr. Das, PhD. 



I am 78 plus year old. I fell down from Mount Whitney in 2011. I was in comma for 3 weeks. I got paralyzed and I recovered my strength partially after one year. I recovered by working out and want to share my techniques with you too be fit and have mobile  joints free of pain and stiffness. Many of my students have benefited and avoided surgeries due to arthritis, frozen shoulders, knee and joint pains and stiffness. 

Experience that you can trust

Dr. Das has overcome his own difficulties and have trained hundreds to feel energetic, reverse aging, reduce your effective age, overcome physical mobility, weight issue, and improve memory, blood pressure and sugar just by sitting and doing static exercising: Hot Breathing.

Come for FIVE FREE Hot Breathing sessions and experience it yourself. Classes are very affordable at $25/mo or $250/year.

Contact Dr. Das at 408-430-7099 or via email at [email protected],com for more info.

Build core strength, burn belly fat, lose weight and become fit.