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Silicon Valley Medical Clinic pediatricians under the direction of Ben Kachouei, DO,  Neema Malhotra M.D. are dedicated to providing high quality of medical care to infants, children, and teenagers / young adults from 0 to 35 year old. Our medical clinic is located to serve the Silicon Valley, San Jose, Milpitas, Santa Clara, Mountain View and Fremont. We believe in optimum health of your children to be able to learn and excel in studies and sports.

Our board certified Dr. Malhotra , Dr. Kachouei and their staff welcome new patients. Same day appointments are usually available for sick children. Our physicians can be reached by their patients 24x7 just in case you need them. For your convenience; online appointments and our clinic is open for extended hours. Call us at 408-945-0300 to make an appointment.

In summary, we offer a full range of services from evaluation and management of newborns, healthy and sick children for assessment and monitoring of health and diseases, childhood development (gross and fine motor skills, cognition and speech), immunization, allergy, nutrition, holistic and prevention of diseases.

Pediatrics Services


 What Pediatrics Services we provide?

Our Pediatrician Services in Milpitas Medical Clinic location are designed to ensure the healthy development of each child by:

  • Screening for health conditions
  • Administering immunizations/vaccinations against common illnesses
  • Counseling parents on nutrition, safety, and other important topics
  • Diagnosing and managing both acute and chronic illnesses
  • Growth, development, nutrition, weight and learning skills.
  • Working with adolescent and adult issues such as Acne, Skin care,
    Hair removal and other medical aesthetics procedures.
  • Click here for a Brochure of Pediatrics and Family Practice

Challenging Children

Certain problems in children, such as allergy, asthma, acne, behavioral problems, sleep disorders, developmental delays, learning disorders, attention deficits, hyperactivity problems, bed wetting, are difficult to treat.  We are continually improving our ability to diagnose, treat and manage these types of problems. We incorporate new approaches and treatments. Often, the latest research makes its way into healthcare late, while patients continue to be treated in conventional ways, and according to insurance company rules. The customary system of healthcare and patient interaction with care-providers does not encourage enough time, or enough depth of investigation, or individualized planning & care that some of these problems need. If the patients would receive this degree of attention and quality of care, treatments would be more effective and give results in a shorter time. We seek the help of other specialists and facilities from Stanford for challenging children for best outcome and care.

Our Physicians Approach To Your Children Health

Dr. Kachouei and Dr. Malhotra consultations for children rely on the principle that a better quality can be achieved through individualized planning and care, and use of new medical information. Proper follow-ups of these problems are very important. In order to arrive at an optimal treatment plan, it may be necessary to involve other healthcare specialists in consultation. Most of these evaluations may require laboratory tests, which are likely to be covered by your insurance provider. Others like speech evaluation or psychological evaluation may involve private payment to the appropriate specialist. We will help you navigate thru complexity. Contact us at 408-945-0300 to make an appointment.

Patient Education Library and useful Resources is available by clicking on this link or in PATIENT RESOURCES section.

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