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In addition to your immigration medical exams, in the future you can count on quality medical care for your family including your children by Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Kachouei. We are there 24x7 to meet your heath care needs when you need the most. 

Unlimited Service , Lowest Total Cost

In addition we being a convenient one-stop service, we give you priority and you can expect results within 2-3 business days. We also coordinate with your insurance to see if any part of the exam and immunizations are covered by your health insurance so that you pay less. We take all insurances and participate in insurance provider networks. 

Immigration Medical Exam I-693

Dr. Neema Malhotra is a USCIS Civil Surgeon and has over 15 years of experience and expertise in Immigration Exams serving Silicon Valley at our office in Milpitas . We stock all vaccines and will coordinate benefits with your insurances for cost effective and timely exam for your family.  Same day appointments are available.

welcome to USA. immigration exams

Dr. Neema Malhotra is a USCIS Certified Civil Surgeon has over 15 years of experience and expertise, so you can be confident that you will receive reliable and swift service at total lowest cost and your green card quickly. We speak Asian (including Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Philippines, Chinese & Vietnamese) and Spanish languages.

An Experienced Physician You Can Trust For Your Green Card

Neema Malhotra M.D. is a USCIS Approved Civil Surgeon has over 15 years of experience and expertise, so you can be confident that you will receive reliable and swift service and get your your green card without delay. We guide you with useful tips to make sure that you will have no delay in getting your green card for you, your spouse , the entire family including your children and your parents or grand parents.

Experience that you can trust

Dr. Neema Malhotra is a USCIS Civil Surgeon and has over 14 years of experience and expertise in immigration exams serving Silicon Valley. We stock all preservative free, single use vials best vaccines and coordinate benefits with your insurance for cost effective exam for your family. We understand your needs and with near zero rejection rate; we are the clear choice to make an appointment to see us. 

Excellent Service and Low Price Gurantee

Yes, we can assure you that we are competitive in total cost for your TB test, Lab tests, x-ray, vaccines, medical exam and all the paperwork. We stock all preservative free vaccines and get your exam done in two visits. We bill insurances and coordinate benefits with your insurance company. Call us at 408-945-0300 to compare. You will be pleasantly surprised. We assure you excellent, dependable service and low price guarantee.

Complete Service to meet your needs

In addition to your immigration medical exams for your entire family, in the future you can count on quality medical care for your family  including your children by Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Kachouei. We specialize in Immigration Exams, Pediatrics and Family Practice. We are open late till 7 pm and Saturdays appointments are available. We stock all preservative free vaccines and convenience to give you needed immunizations and order tests and expedite the process.

What I Need to Bring On My Visit to Silicon Valley Medical ClinicClinic?


  1. Insurance Card, if you have Health Insurance Coverage
  2. Any Vaccination Records
  3. Valid Govt. Photo ID such as Passport or a USA Driver License
  4. I-693, a 14 pages form expiring in 2022. This PDF fillable i-693 form can be downloaded at our website https://SiliconValleyMedicalClinic.com/uscis/
    Download Latest Form I-693
    Instructions for i-693 
  5. Payment by Credit Card, Cash or Check.

Form Filling Instructions:

One form per applicant is required. Type and Print only in black ink.

Fill the 1st page with Applicant info; Fill a few lines on page 2 asking you how USCIS can contact you. Also each page top line has boxes asking your family name, first name and A-number. Please fill these boxes on all pages. If you do not have A-number given; leave it blank.

DO NOT sign or put any date. After filling pdf form; print form double sided. Do not use heavy paper as it is difficult to fold.

How Long the Process Takes?


  • It will require 2 visits. Average time for the expedited process is 6-7 days, depending upon your vaccination, lab results, medical history and your timely follow up.

    On Your First Visit:

    a) Bring i-693 filled form, Vaccinations records, Photo ID & medical history for our review.
    You will have Physical Exam & our Physician will evaluate what Vaccines & tests you will need.
  • We will give you order forms for Lab tests for Gonorrhea, Syphilis & TB. Lab results can take up to 5 working days. Let us know when your Lab results come; we will make you an appointment for 2nd
  • We will give you needed vaccines or give you orders for you to get it somewhere else if you so desire.

On Your Second Visit :
             Our USCIS Civil Surgeon Dr. Neema Malhotra will review your i-693 completed package, vaccines and labs results and see if anything else is required per USCIS guidelines based on your info.

  • You will be given a sealed envelope of your exam to be submitted to USCIS or your attorney. A duplicate electronic PDF copy will be provided to you via your email.
  • Rarely, you need an extra day for X-Ray of chest if your TB Test comes positive.
What Vaccinations are required?

What Vaccinations are required?

         Bring with you your Immunization Records to determine what will be needed per USCIS.
            a) Adults: Tdap, MMR, Varicella (Chicken Pox) & Influenza, for age > 2 years
            b) Children: Must be up to date with vaccination schedule for their age per CDC guidelines for
Hepatitis A and B, Influenza and influenza b (Hib), Measles, Mumps, & Rubella (MMR), Meningococcal, Pneumococcal, Pertussis (whooping cough), Polio, Rotavirus, Tetanus & Diphtheria, Varicella (chicken pox). Vaccines schedules are available on our website and CDC websites. You can consult your physician.
For your convenience; we stock and can give all vaccines in our Silicon Valley Medical.

If you do not have immunization/vaccination records, read the section on this FAQs.

What If I Do Not Have Vaccines Records?

What If I Do Not Have Vaccines Records?

  • Vaccines are required by USCIS for communicable diseases.
    The Physician will do their best within their discretion and USCIS guidelines based on your medical history; give you choices to either do test for immunity or give vaccines. You can decide based on your filing timeline, cost and your health & safety of others.
  • For Example; MMR requires two shots 28 days apart. We can get one today & schedule your take 2nd shot for MMR later. You can file the application now & give the proof to your attorney or take it with you on your USCIS interview and or file with your application
Are Vaccines Safe. What if I am pregnant or sick?
  • Are Vaccines Safe? : Yes; Vaccines are safe.
  • You can take another shot even if you have taken before.
  • Consult your physician, if you are pregnant or sick or allergic to ingredients. You will need waiver from your physician for USCIS for these conditions. Speak to physician during your medical exam for guidance. 
What Lab Tests are required?

  1. Quantiferon (Tuberculosis) for ages 2 years & up.
  2. Gonorrhea and Syphilis after age 15 and up.

    Lab Information

    All your lab tests are done by outside lab. We recommend you the cheapest Lab. There are 4 labs in our area and their charges range from $160 to $1,000 for 3 lab required tests. Your insurance may not cover he lab charges. You will be responsible to pay directly to lab as we are not connected to in any way to labs.

Cost of Medical Exam?


  • We do every effort to save you money, coordinate your insurance benefits for lowest total cost of your medical exam completion.
  • We charge $200 to process each i693 form. We work with your insurance for any added vaccinations, labs & physical, but you are responsible for any additional charges.
  • If you have an eligible Insurance, we bill your insurance company for physical exam and vaccinations. If you did not have an annual physical in the last one year; insurances cover it without deductibles or copay as part of preventive care. If your insurance does not pay or you are self-pay for physical exam; we charge you $150. Total cost in this case will be $350 excluding any labs and vaccinations.
  • For Kaiser Patients, vaccinations and labs are done by Kaiser. You will get orders and instructions during your first visit in our clinic. Physical Exams and immigration processing is done by our physicians team at the Clinic. We charge $150 for Physical Exam. Total Cost will be $350 per applicant (excluding vaccinations and labs that are provided by your Kaiser insurance)
  • i-693 Form Processing is not covered by insurances. Any Out of Pocket Expenses for processing of immigration i-693 are applicant’s responsibility. Some employers may pay for this expense. HSA may cover medical expenses. We will give you receipt for your reimbursement.
  • We accept Cash, Credit Cards or Check. Our charges are to be paid at time of  1st visit.
How To Book an Appointment?



Appointments Booking:

  • You can call us during clinic hours at 408-945-0300 or go on line at https://www.SiliconValleyMedicalClinic.com and request a tentative appointment. Our Patient Coordinator will confirm the appointment via voice or email or text message. Do not come without confirmed appointment.
  • Book your 2nd Visit appointment only after Lab results have come & you have forwarded us the copy
  • More Info: > and Book appointment link is, https://www.SiliconValleyMedicalClinic.com/uscis/


About USCIS Civil Surgeon, Neema Malhotra, MD

Silicon Valley Medical Clinic, Milpitas CA is a full service clinic for children and adults. Neema Malhotra, MD is the designated USCIS Civil Surgeon 

Dr. Malhotra has over 15 years of experience with an almost 100% success rate. Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Kachouei  and our friendly medical assistants and staff welcome you and thank you for selecting us to be a part of your immigration team. We understand the process and your need for expediency, accuracy, timely submission and affordable competitive cost. 

We are experienced and have processed thousands of applicants. We are here to guide you thru. 

We conveniently schedule based on your timeline and follow you throughout the entire process. Our costs are competitively lower than other clinics, and we ensure that you will get the proper service that you need from us.  Our reviews in Yelp and Google speak for our Silicon Valley Medical Clinic. 

What is Location of Clinic and Open Hours?

We are located at 1113 South Park Victoria Dr, Milpitas CA 95035.

We are open 9 am to 6 pm weekdays and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm for your convenience. 

Please send us request to book an appointment today on line  and we will call you back with confirmation of appointment.

Or call us at 408-945-0300 during clinic open hours. 


Make sure you have confirmed appointment.


Read FAQs Above on Medical Exam



we will call you back with confirmation.


It was perfect. An hour for two of us for exam. Friendly and helpful staff. Got it done fast! 

Five stars! An hour for two of us for exam. Friendly and helpful staff. Got it done fast! 

Great Experience! An hour for two of us for exam. Friendly and helpful staff. Got it done fast! Perfect.

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Our Clinic  was Founded in 1984 and based in Milpitas, California,  We are trusted physicians providing health care services to children and families in the San Jose and Milpitas community .

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